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Arrest of Ramallah Friends School Student Shines Light on Abuse of Palestinian Children

Shadi Khouri is a 16-year-old student at the Ramallah Friends School, a 150-year-old Quaker school in Palestine. This week he was arrested, held in Israeli military detention, and interrogated without the presence of a parent or lawyer. What is happening to Shadi is terrifying and—devastatingly—not unique. This violation is just one example of the systematic abuse felt by Palestinian children living under occupation.

“It Takes All of Us,” Say Ramallah Students

My time at RFS was part of my recent journey through Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territory (oPT). I wanted to better understand the Israeli occupation and blockade of Gaza from the perspectives of those living there and discuss ways to address these challenges.

There is No Excuse for Antisemitism

The recent surge in violent attacks against members of the Jewish community is a shameful reminder that centuries of antisemitism continue to poison our nation and our world.
A girl drinks from a tap
Iyad Al Baba / Oxfam


We urge the United States to condemn violence on all sides and to provide assistance that can prevent, de-escalate, and resolve the long-standing conflicts that affect the security and well-being of both Israelis and Palestinians.