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Our country is struggling with deep divisions. Amid the blame of and attack on those who are different - in political views, race, religion, country of origin, or sexual orientation - it becomes even more urgent to highlight the value we place in one another. FCNL’s #LoveThyNeighbor (No Exceptions) campaign seeks to shift the narrative.

Love Thy Neighbor: Planting Seeds in Congress
Quakers in action in front of Capitol
Field and Annual Meeting Planning Committees with Love Thy Neighbor Sign
Lauren Brownlee holding Love Thy Neighbor sign at White House

Love is hard, but Scripture is clear. We are called to love our neighbors - all our neighbors - without exception.

Get Your Own Signs, Stickers, or Buttons

FCNL’s #LoveThyNeighbor banner is getting noticed.

Here are some of the people and organizations highlighting the message.

The #LoveThyNeighbor campaign is a conscious effort to “shift the narrative.” It challenges policymakers and voters to think about the moral implications of the actions they are taking on questions of war and peace, inequality and intolerance — at home and abroad. Ultimately, it seeks to bring people of different parties and different ideologies together to work for peace, economic and social justice, and environmental sustainability.