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Julia Gledhill served as the program associate for militarism and human rights from 2020-2021. She advocated for U.S. foreign policy centered on diplomacy and human security through her work with coalition partners, members of Congress, and FCNL’s grassroots network.

Julia previously served as the fiscal policy intern in the office of Sen. Michael Bennet (CO). She also interned in the Center for Diplomatic Engagement at Meridian International Center. Most recently, Julia participated in the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Summer Honors Program. In the Program’s War & Decision-making course, she delved into the nature and conduct of military operations, the theoretical foundations of military science, and those theories’ practical applications in conflict.

Julia graduated from Colorado College with a B.A. in economics and business and a minor in political science. She wrote her economics thesis on the impact of defense spending on income inequality in the United States, and she maintains a keen interest in the relationship between macroeconomic policy and individual well-being.