Joe D'Antonio

Program Assistant, Criminal Justice and Election Integrity

Joe D'Antonio

Joe D’Antonio was the Program Assistant for Criminal Justice and Election Integrity for 2019-2020. His primary responsibilities included lobbying members of Congress, writing policy updates, and conducting legislative research.

He earned a B.A. in politics from the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C. At Catholic, he was one of the founding members of the school’s radio station where he served as the station manager. Prior to joining FCNL, Joe interned with the National Association of Development Administrations and in the D.C. office of Rep. Brendan Boyle (PA-2).

Joe was born and raised in West Chester, Pennsylvania. When he’s not working, Joe enjoys reading, writing, and going out with friends.

Articles by Joe D'Antonio

Update Advocates are Calling on Congress to Demilitarize Policing: Here’s the Next Step 

The militarization of police is a key factor in the policing crisis we face today. Congress has opportunities to reform the 1033 program this year and limit the Department of Defense’s practice of transferring surplus military grade equipment to local police departments.

Update The United States Needs National Use of Force Standards 

Every law enforcement agency across the country has what’s known as a “use of force standard” or “use of force continuum.” These regulations govern when officers can use force—and how much they’re permitted to use.

Update Transparency and Accountability are Necessary to Protect Black Communities 

Black communities deal constantly with police harassment and violence. Some law enforcement agencies had made positive steps to curb these abuses, but these reforms must be coupled with increased transparency and oversight.

Update Racism is at the Heart of America’s Policing Problem 

The protests and conversations of the past couple months have laid bare a fact that Black and Brown Americans have known for decades: America has a policing problem. And that problem is firmly and undeniably rooted in racism,

Background An Occupying Force in Black and Brown Communities 

At the heart of the American policing problem is the increased militarization of the American police force. Simply put, police have become an occupying force in Black and Brown communities that do far more harm than good.

Update The Justice Act is All Studies and No Solutions 

Comparing the Justice Act and the Justice in Policing Act

The deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Rayshard Brooks, and countless others have laid bare the problems with the American policing system. Recently, Sen. Tim Scott (SC) proposed the Justice Act (S. 3985) as a response to this ongoing crisis. This bill, though, falls far short of the moment that inspired it.

Update We Need to Talk About Mental Health in Prisons 

Incarcerated people have the same needs and fears as the un-incarcerated. But incarceration institutions, by their very nature, deny the humanity of the people they house. This continual denial of humanity leads to psychological scarring that lasts long after a person is released.

Update States Must Enact Polices to Protect Voting during COVID-19  

We know that COVID-19 is a threat to the health and safety of millions of Americans. But a less-discussed effect of the pandemic is its impact on the health and safety of our elections.

Update Prisons Are Deeply Unprepared for COVID-19 

The COVID-19 pandemic has drilled into us a standard set of precautionary measures: Wash your hands, maintain distance from other people, and avoid groups. But there is a population within our society that is unable to take the precautions that we take for granted: incarcerated people.

Background For-Profit Corporations Have No Place in the Justice System 

In its 2019 session, the California State Legislature banned the state from entering into contracts with for-profit prisons, including for immigrant detention. As a Quaker organization, FCNL applauds this initiative. Private business interests have no place in the justice system. For-profit corporations exacerbate the horrific effects of detention felt by millions of people and families.