Christine Ashley

Christine Ashley has the honor of nurturing and deepening FCNL’s relationships with Friends across the United States. In this role, Christine develops and sustains FCNL's engagement with individuals both within the Religious Society of Friends and with seekers for the Quaker way of living Faith in to action.

Christine participates in monthly and yearly meetings and churches throughout the country, as well as connecting Friends to the myriad of ways Faith and Practice may meld in to daily life.

Christine came to FCNL after having served over 15 years as a Quaker educator. Most recently, Christine was Scattergood Friends School’s Head of School in West Branch, Iowa. Her work in Quaker education also includes Thornton Friends Middle School as principal, and Thornton Friends Upper School (MD) as dean of students. Christine’s interest in contemplative education began during her undergraduate years at Vassar College where she received a BA in Religion with a concentration in Tibetan Buddhism.

Christine spent a year learning Tibetan and researching the integration of traditional medicine and Buddhist practice. After being awarded the Maguire Fellowship from Vassar College, she lived two years in Yogyakarta, Indonesia where she taught at IKIP Sanata Dharma, a teacher’s college. Christine spent an additional 5 years living, working, and volunteering in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, India and Sri Lanka. Upon returning to the United States, Christine pursued graduate studies in International Education at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.

Christine is an avid reader, traveler, and adventurer. She is the proud mother of five children and two dogs, and she loves hiking, camping and participating in the arts. Christine is a member of Whittier Friends Meeting (IYMC).

Articles by Christine Ashley

Event A Friend in Washington explores art, faith, and advocacy at FCNL  

Welling Hall will present her gun violence sculptures and give an artist talk “Art Transforming Violence” on November 14, 2018, in the Quaker Welcome Center.

Update Celebrating World Quaker Day 

Friends Committee on National Legislation joyfully joins Friends from meetings and churches around the world to celebrate World Quaker Day on Oct. 7.

When I arrive at the FCNL office, I always stop for a moment before entering the building, just to read the banner hanging from the outside our building: #lovethyneighbor (No Exceptions).

Background Courage as a Spiritual State of Being 

A recipe for loving your neighbor

A few days ago, 27 pastors and spiritual directors from 14 states visited the Quaker Welcome Center for a two-hour conversation about how our work at FCNL, as Quaker advocates, is an example of tradition and innovation. Specifically, we explored together the question, “How do we cultivate and nurture courage as a spiritual state of being, and take that out in to the world?”

Update No More Gun Violence #EnoughIsEnough 

This morning, I put on my coat and joined FCNL staff on the sidewalk facing the Hart Senate Building. For 17 minutes, we joined the hundreds of thousands of school children, teachers, parents and allies all over the world who walked out of their classrooms and places of work, and with their bodies and voices, said enough is enough.

Living With Disquiet 

Where do the most vulnerable, oppressed, suppressed, and violated fit in to Congress’ picture of this nation and her people?

Update Quaker Witness = Might and Action 

As the nation faces the latest mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, Friends are offering thoughts and prayers, holding in the light all who are touched by these human tragedies. Out of this sense of spirit, Friends are also committing to action to stop this violence.

Quaker Outreach Program Assistant Spotlight 

Meet Michelle Beers, 2017-2018 Quaker Outreach Young Fellow!

Update A Quaker Voice on Why to Attend Annual Meeting and QPPI 

Pam is coming to Washington, DC this November 2nd to lobby her members of Congress. Here’s why she is making the trip to FCNL’s Annual Meeting and Quaker Public Policy Institute:

FCNL at Yearly Meetings 

Summer 2018 Across the Country

How is Spirit moving through your yearly meeting? Through FCNL’s travel to yearly meetings, we join in meeting for business, hear leadings and concerns, and share the broader work of the Religious Society of Friends as it manifests through the work of FCNL.