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Advocacy Toolkit

In war, civilians always pay the highest price. Here are three ways to act.

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Quaker Organizations Call for a Ceasefire

As Quaker organizations, we mourn all lives lost and lament with everyone who is suffering.

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What Quakers are Saying

Many Quaker organizations, meetings, and churches are sharing their concern about the unfolding violence in Israel and Palestine. FCNL is collecting and sharing these minutes, statements, and other resources from Quakers.

If your organization, church, or meeting has approved a minute, statement, or resource, please email it to to include it in this collection.

What Members of Congress are Saying

Download a Sign

Grassroots pressure has created the political space for dozens of lawmakers to publicly call for a ceasefire and demand humanitarian aid for civilians living under siege in Gaza. Show your support by printing and sharing a “Ceasefire Now” sign.


Ceasefire Now written in English, Hebrew, Arabic