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At Spring Lobby Weekend 2020, hundreds of students, recent grads, Quakers, and young adults gather to learn and virtually lobby Congress.

Spring Lobby weekend 2020 Recap

The climate emergency requires urgent action. We need to push Congress to adopt ambitious federal laws to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Spring Lobby Weekend Stats: 500 young adults, 38 state delegations, 36 schools and groups, and 100 visits to lobby congress to end the climate crisis!

Lobbying to Address the Climate Emergency

The climate emergency requires urgent action by individuals, companies, investors, and communities across the world. Congress must adopt equitable and ambitious federal laws to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Although Congress has so far failed to pass comprehensive legislation to reduce greenhouse gas pollution, there is growing bipartisan support to place a price on carbon emissions that includes protections to ensure that the impact does not fall on the poor and communities of color. In 2020, there are at least 7 carbon pricing bills in Congress. The actions we take, and the lobbying we do now, could determine whether and when carbon pricing legislation becomes law in 2021.

To pass legislation in 2021, we need to lobby Congress this year to expand support for the strongest possible carbon pricing legislation. The Climate Action Rebate Act, introduced by Sen. Chris Coons (DE) and Rep. Panetta (CA-20), best aligns with our faith principles by placing a strong price on carbon emissions and investing the revenue in low income communities, communities of color, and incentivizing the shift to a clean energy economy. FCNL plans to build support for this legislation in 2020, so that we can pass a meaningful price on carbon in 2021 as an important first step Congress should take.