Capital Campaign

The World We Seek: Now Is the Time

Capital Campaign Concludes! Thank you!

On June 30, 2017, our five year capital campaign, The World We Seek: Now Is the Time concluded. The capital campaign has made it possible for greater participation in civil dialogue on issues essential for humanity and our planet, including peace, justice, and sustainability. The campaign far exceeded our goal of raising $15 million over five years. We are incredibly grateful for the support of more than 1,500 donors and the work of more than 200 volunteers over the course of the campaign. Look for more detailed reporting on the success of the campaign in FCNL’s Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Report.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephen Donahoe, director of development, at or (202) 465-7560.

It is possible for our shared values to influence our government.

More and more advocates—Quakers and others—are being drawn to our effective practice of engaging our nation’s leaders. Capital Campaign funds are helping to grow FCNL's grassroots lobbying network.

It is vital for us to support the next generation of advocates.

Young adults are essential partners in FCNL’s vision for the future. The campaign has enabled FCNL to host our largest-ever Spring Lobby Weekend in 2017 and expand its new Advocacy Corps—young adults who receive intensive training in Washington and then advocate back home.

Diane Randall speaks
Diane Randall speaks

It is imperative that we act for peace and justice in the world.

The campaign has revitalized the historic Friend in Washington Program, which brings seasoned Friends to Washington, DC, to lend their expertise on issues that matter to FCNL and the FCNL community.

We have the opportunity to create a more visible presence on Capitol Hill.

With campaign support, FCNL is adding a new Quaker Welcome Center to welcome more Friends to Capitol Hill, building on our legacy of witnessing for an Earth restored by creating a new green building.

Friends in Washington Doug McCown and Becky Steele
Friends in Washington Doug McCown and Becky Steele

[LEFT] Friends in Washington Doug McCown and Becky Steele Emily Sajewski / FCNL

The Public Phase of the Capital Campaign

After three years of a quiet phase, 2016 brought us into the public phase of FCNL's capital campaign. We set an ambitious event schedule—35 events in 24 states over 18 months—because we believed that members of our network would want to hear firsthand about what the capital campaign means to FCNL and the future of Quaker advocacy. These local events were intended to welcome everyone who wished to participate, and to widen our network of supporters, local community leaders, and organizers.

We are thankful for the more than 1,800 people who attended one of the public events or joined us for a webinar.