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As we look toward the next eight decades—or even the next five years—we wonder how to remain brave and constant amid deep partisan divides, ongoing horrors of war, racism, xenophobia, and an environment in crisis.

It is clear that we do not have all the answers. Perhaps we do not need them—yet.
Attuning to leadings of Spirit amid today’s chaos requires us to remain open to continuing revelation—but to do so, it first helps to be still.

Three FCNL leaders standing together at the Annual Meeting. The two people on the ends are holding and 8 and a 0 to represent 80 years.

For us at FCNL, right stewardship has not been about short-term “wins.” We have had to learn to play the long game and be comfortable with the unknown. We have had to learn the difference between “lobbying for” or “speaking on behalf of” an individual or community and witnessing in “solidarity with and alongside” people living the realities of the policies we seek to change.

Our Quaker faith keeps us grounded in this work, but we have not always gotten it right. We have always believed there is that of God in everyone but have had to hone the organizational practice of minding the Light in others. To do this, we often have had to step out of the fray of our work and simply be still.

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