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Update 5 Things We’d Like to Hear President Trump Say in the State of the Union 

In this divisive and toxic political environment, it is rare for our political parties to agree on anything of substance – and even rarer for them to admit they agree. But here at FCNL, we are always looking for common ground that leads toward a world without war or the threat of war.

Action Alert Historic Chance to End Illegal U.S. War in Yemen 

I have some great news to share! We have a historic opportunity in the coming weeks to end U.S. complicity in the world’s largest humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Advocacy Resource FCNL Meetups: April-June 2019 

Seek, Meet(up), and Advocate

Want to change the world? Want to bring your concerns to Congress using FCNL’s effective tools and resources? Become a Meetup Motivator!

Update 116th Congress Makes Gun Violence Prevention A Priority 

On January 8, 2011, Rep. Gabby Giffords was shot in Tucson, AZ. On January 8, 2019, House Democratic leadership introduced a bill requiring universal background checks for all gun purchases. It is a small but smart step, and it has a real chance at becoming law.

2019 Policy Revision Process 

Update to “The World We Seek: Statement of Legislative Policy”

American society, our political order and culture have changed dramatically over the past several years. While some issues and challenges are omnipresent, others have arisen anew. We believe that Friends can play a unique role in discerning and envisioning a more peaceful, just, and inclusive world. We turn to you as we look to revise and update FCNL’s foundational policy document - The World We Seek: Statement of Legislative Policy (Policy Statement).

Work with FCNL Assistant to the Executive Secretary 

The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) is seeking an Assistant to the Executive Secretary (CEO). This person will report directly to the Executive Secretary and will be responsible for managing the Executive Secretary’s schedule and travel arrangements, managing incoming communications for the Executive Secretary, preparing and editing correspondence and other written materials, preparing financial reports, gathering information for the Executive Secretary, and staffing the FCNL Executive Committee and Education Fund Board.

Washington Newsletter Washington Newsletter: Our Progress Towards the World We Seek 

January/February 2019

FCNL made important progress during the 115th Congress, despite the prevailing hyper-partisanship.

Background Quakers, Laws, and Courts 

Question & Answer with George Conyne

Background The Power of Our Witness 

Quaker Welcome Center

At the Quaker Welcome Center, we regularly see how the stories and connections of Friends are helping to make change on Capitol Hill.

Background Six Ways to Advocate Prophetically 

Your advocacy early this year will be critical to setting the agenda for the new Congress. Here are six ways you can be prophetic, persistent, and powerful advocates with FCNL:

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