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Advocacy Resource Who's Who in Congressional Offices 

Often, the staff in congressional offices will be your greatest allies in effecting policy change. Certain staff members are especially important for advocacy and setting up meetings.

Statement The Moral Imperative to Welcome Refugees 

Today the global community faces the worst refugee crisis since World War II, with upwards of 60 million people displaced worldwide. Syrian refugees alone, either internally displaced or seeking resettlement, total approximately 12 million.

Background Immigrants and Refugees 

The United States derives much of its strength and character from the many peoples who have built it.

Letter 162 National and Local Organizations Call on the Administration to Welcome Syrian Refugees 

We, the undersigned organizations, write to you today with urgent recommendations for how the United States should respond to the spiraling refugee crisis in the Middle East that is now overflowing to Europe and beyond.

Letter 34 National Faith Leaders Support Congressional Dialogue on Climate Change 

Leaders of 34 National Faith Communities around the United States sent a letter to Congress today in support of a resolution introduced by 11 Republican members that commits Congress to studying and addressing climate change, including human activities that have an impact.

Press Release FCNL Praises House Climate Change Resolution 

On the eve of the Pope’s historic visit to Washington, a group of Republican lawmakers called upon Congress to commit to act to address changes in the climate, including efforts to balance the human impacts of climate change.

Advocacy Resource Using Follow Up to Build Relationships with Congress 

Learn how follow up with congressional offices can be a tool to deepen relationships.

Arresting Atrocity 

In 2011, U.S. President Barack Obama released a statement underscoring a commitment to prevent crimes against humanity. Soon after, he established the ambitiously named Atrocity Prevention Board, a group of U.S. officials ... [which] meets monthly to assess the risks of atrocities and to strategize on how to mitigate them.

Press Release Iran Accord Victory a Testament to Power of Pro-Peace Citizenry 

The Friends Committee on National Legislation hails the Senate vote to uphold the historic accord to rein in Iran’s nuclear program, guarding against another nuclear-armed nation and another war.

FCNL in the News CQ Profile on Kate Gould: Quaker vs. Goliath 

The Quakers don’t fit the stereotypical image of high-powered lobbyists. But these peacemakers, led by Kate Gould, just claimed victory in the most hard-fought battle in Washington, after enough Senate Democrats pledged to uphold the Iran nuclear agreement negotiated by President Barack Obama.

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