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FCNL and QuakerSpeak 

We partnered with Friends Journal for the second season of QuakerSpeak. Here's what happened.

Update The Pope's Message of Peace 

Pope Francis’s messages and actions have showed that he is committed to seeking a world without war.

Cut Cruise Missiles from the Budget 

FCNL's Jacob Chappell writes: "President Obama should follow the previous presidents’ choices because, as the commentary said, the launch of any cruise missile — nuclear or conventional — can be mistaken by other countries as the launch of a nuclear weapon."

Background How Can I Foster Bipartisan Climate Action? 

Guided by hope, humility, redemption, and love, we seek to foster constructive bipartisan dialogue and cooperation on climate solutions in Congress.

Background Call to Conscience on Climate Disruption 

Bipartisan congressional action is vital to catalyze the necessary national and global solutions to climate disruption. FCNL's Call to Conscience on Climate Disruption seeks to dissipate the partisan logjam through a faith-filled, non-partisan moral call.

Support FCNL Make a Gift of Stock 

The gift of appreciated securities -- stocks, bonds or mutual funds that have grown in value -- can be an easy way of making your charitable dollars go farther. By taking advantage of the applicable tax incentives, donors can significantly increase the amount of funds available to them for charitable giving.

Statement FCNL Reacts to Leaked Drone Documents 

FCNL calls on Congress to exercise its vital oversight role and is urging a Congressional hearing and inquiry into the U.S. lethal drones program. This is essential in order to inform the American people about the deliberate killing of Americans and non-nationals outside of declared war zones.

Background We Begin with Acknowledgement 

Columbus Day overlooks – even endorses – painful history, ignores the trauma still present in Native communities, and minimizes the important contributions made by indigenous peoples throughout this continent’s history.

Background A Quaker in the Texas House of Representatives 

For 18 years, Lon Burnam was a member of the Texas House of Representatives. He is also a Quaker and a pacifist. In this QuakerSpeak video, he shares his story.

Update Impact of Government Surveillance on Muslim Americans and Communities of Color 

Edward Snowden’s WikiLeaks revelations sparked widespread media attention around NSA data collection and government surveillance

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