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Update Good News for Atrocities Prevention; More to Do 

Good news! In early May 2016, the Senate agreed to keep the Atrocities Prevention Board working through 2017. The board is the linchpin of U.S. efforts to help stop violence before it erupts.

Update Addressing Water Security to Prevent Conflict in Northern Jordan 

Jordan is one of the most water-scare countries in the world. Uncharacteristically low rainfall coupled with a rapid population increase as a result of ongoing conflict in Syria has exacerbated the problem. In the northern governorates of Jordan alone, there has been an influx of an estimated 584,600 Syrian refugees.

Update Native American Legislative Update: April 2016 

Updates on justice, education, funding, and environmental issues affecting Indian Country.

Update King Mine Toxic Spill 

History texts and recent news stories tell all too often of collapses in working mines, and the tragedies they bring for miners’ families and communities. But abandoned mines can also be dangerous, and their potential for harm can be both silent and catastrophic. The Gold King Mine disaster demonstrates the dangers that can lurk quietly for decades, and then erupt.

Update Update on Native Americans and the Federal Budget: Where's the Money? 

Native American Legislative Update

Congress is once again stuck in the budget process. In the absence of a budget, appropriations committees can proceed with their work, allocating spending authority based on estimates or previous years’ totals, after May 15. Programs that affect tribes, Alaska villages, Indian communities, families and individuals are spread across 10 of the 12 appropriations bills.

Update Zeroing in on Education -- Senate Committee on Indian Affairs 

On April 6, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs held a hearing on four education bills. Two would authorize programs in BIE schools; two would change the structure of the bureaucracy or the funding stream that supports federally owned schools in Indian country.

Update Ten BIE Schools Chosen for Replacement 

Native American Legislative Update

Out of the 183 BIE schools, 78 have been assessed to be in poor condition. That means that they are 50 years old or older, and that 75 percent of students or more are taught in portables. Out of these 78 schools, 10 were chosen according to criteria created by the School Facilities and Construction Negotiated Rulemaking Committee that was set up under the No Child Left Behind Act.

Update Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts 

Native American Legislative Update

The strength of a tribe is in its members, and when a significant number of tribal members are caught in the web of drug or alcohol abuse, the tribal community suffers from the loss of their knowledge, talents, and leadership. Many tribal governments have recognized substance abuse as a communityproblem for many years, and dozens have established alternative courts that would handle these cases outside of typical – and ineffective – criminal court proceedings.

Update Dr. Joe Medicine Crow Walks On 

Native American Legislative Update

On April 3, Dr. Joe Medicine Crow, 102, walked on. The last living link to the pre-reservation history of the Crow people, Medicine Crow was eulogized in many circles – in the Crow nation, in the state of Montana, by President Obama and by Senator Tester, the vice-chair of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.

Update Opening the Door to Peace in Israel-Palestine 

The hypermilitarized U.S. approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict needs to change. Unconditional U.S. military aid to Israel — making up 20 percent of Israel's military budget — is part of the problem.

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