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Statement Racism and Whiteness 

Our hearts are broken as the fault lines of racism continue to be starkly exposed in the violence that ended the lives of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and uncounted numbers of African Americans, not only in recent years but since Africans were first brought to this country as enslaved people.

Civil Society Recommendations on Implementation of the Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocity Prevention Act 

The Prevention and Protection Working Group, a coalition of human rights, religious, humanitarian, anti-genocide, and peace organizations, provided a set of recommendations for a more effective and just implementation of the Elie Wiesel Act.

Assessment of the Administration's Report Submitted in Compliance With the Elie Wiesel Act 

The Prevention and Protection Working Group, a coalition of human rights, religious, humanitarian, anti-genocide, and peace organizations, assessed the Trump administration's first report on implementation of the Elie Wiesel Act.

Press Release Buying Groceries Should Not Result in Death 

Washington, DC – Following the killing of George Floyd and the arrest of one Minneapolis police officer, FCNL General Secretary Diane Randall issued the following statement:

Native American Legislaive Update Native American Legislative Update 

May 2020

Welcome to FCNL's Native American Legislative Update! The NALU is a monthly newsletter about FCNL's Native American policy advocacy and ways for you to engage your members of Congress. FCNL's Congressional Advocate for Native American policy is Kerri Colfer (Tlingit).

Advocacy Resource Voter Registration Toolkit 

Before the 2020 election, FCNL is trying to get 500 young adults registered to vote. Below is a toolkit with resources you need to mobilize your communities and make their voices heard.

Statement We Lament and Mourn the 100,00 People Lost to COVID-19 

In the United States, 100,000 people; across the globe, 350,000 people. All dead from the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit our country like a tsunami; that has devastated people across the globe. It is a time of cosmic sadness that calls us to pause, to reflect. At FCNL, we join with siblings from many faith communities in a time of mourning, a time of lament for the lives lost, the families in despair, the feeling of hope diminished.

Legislative Ask Pass a COVID-19 Relief Bill that Increases Nutrition Assistance 

Congress has passed four bills to address the COVID-19 epidemic and the subsequent economic downturn are taking a devastating toll on lives and the economy. While all four bills had important provisions, they didn't include nearly enough support for the people in our communities who are experiencing hunger and unemployment.

Update We Cannot Bail Out the Fossil Fuel Industry During a Public Health Crisis 

On April 30, the Federal Reserve expanded its Main Street Lending Program to allow small and mid-size oil companies to access emergency COVID-19 funds. As a result, oil and gas companies have received over $113 million in COVID-19 relief meant for small businesses.

Press Release FCNL Believes USAID Must Release All Yemen Funding To Help Fight COVID-19 

Washington, DC – Today, the Friends Committee on National Legislation released a letter – signed by more than eighty other state and national organizations – stressing the importance of releasing all suspended USAID funding for Yemen.

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