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Background Translating Principles into Dollars 

The reason the budget is so interesting — and important — is because it requires the government to make real choices about our priorities and values as a country.

Update Paris, Beirut, and Syria 

The temptation to react to violence with fear and more violence is strong. The recent terror attacks in Paris and Beirut are tragic and demand a response. But a response based on fear will not lead to security or peace. A response based on fear can lead to the sacrifice of the very freedoms we cherish.

Statement We Must Not Act in Fear 

The message of these most recent attacks is universal: every person should be afraid. Our responses to that message, however, need not accept the invitation to fear. Rejecting fear gives us space to think rationally about the responses that will ensure our collective safety over the long term.

Update Budget Update: Wins for the Department of Defense 

Monday night (October 26, 2015), House and Senate budget negotiators agreed on a deal – a budget that will cover FY 2016 (which started October 1 this year) and FY 2017.

Statement FCNL Reacts to Leaked Drone Documents 

FCNL calls on Congress to exercise its vital oversight role and is urging a Congressional hearing and inquiry into the U.S. lethal drones program. This is essential in order to inform the American people about the deliberate killing of Americans and non-nationals outside of declared war zones.

Background A Quaker in the Texas House of Representatives 

For 18 years, Lon Burnam was a member of the Texas House of Representatives. He is also a Quaker and a pacifist. In this QuakerSpeak video, he shares his story.

Update Impact of Government Surveillance on Muslim Americans and Communities of Color 

Edward Snowden’s WikiLeaks revelations sparked widespread media attention around NSA data collection and government surveillance

Letter FCNL Joins Faith and Human Rights Groups in Urging Congress to Vote No on the 2016 NDAA 

FCNL joins 13 other faith, human rights, and advocacy groups in a letter to Congress urging a “No” vote on the conference report for the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) over restrictive Guantanamo provisions.

Press Release 55 Representatives Support Negotiations to End Syrian Civil War 

Fifty-five members of Congress sent a letter to President Obama supporting international negotiations to end the civil war in Syria. The letter, led by Rep. Jim Himes (CT), calls on the President to use the full authority of his office to “convene international negotiations designed to stop the civil war in Syria.”

Background An Infrastructure for Peace 

To build peace, the U.S. needs to lead with responses that prevent, reduce, transform and help people recover from violence in all forms. Since 2001, FCNL has worked to move U.S. foreign policy in this direction. We have made progress: the U.S. now has some infrastructure in place to prevent violence and build peace. The rhetoric of peacebuilding is starting to penetrate.

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