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Action Alert Broad Opposition to Friedman for Israel Ambassador 

A broad spectrum of opponents to Friedman's nomination, including Members of Congress, media, and civil society, are speaking out on Trump’s dangerous choice for U.S. Ambassador to Israel for his extreme positions.

Letter Concerns on Secretary of State-designate Rex Tillerson 

In preparation for the confirmation hearings for the nomination of Rex Tillerson to serve as the next Secretary of State, we write to express the concerns of our non‐partisan, 74‐year‐old Quaker lobby in the public interest. We are particularly eager to understand how Mr. Tillerson envisions his role as the leading spokesperson and principal voice on foreign policy for our country.

Statement Questions for Secretary of State Nominee Rex Tillerson 

Rex Tillerson should answer serious questions about his background on foreign policy, including environmental issues.

Statement Senate Confirms David Friedman as Ambassador to Israel 

FCNL vigorously opposed the nomination and urged senators to speak out against his nomination and the dangerous pro-settlement, pro-occupation policies that Friedman has advocated. 

House, Senate to Retaliate Against U.N. Over Israel Settlements Vote 

FCNL's Kate Gould on the importance of supporting the U.N. as the international body empowered to mediate conflict.

Update Questions for Trump's New Foreign Policy Team 

President-elect Trump's cabinet nominees will help set the direction of U.S. foreign policy going forward. They need to be able to answer serious questions about building a more peaceful world.

Background David Friedman In His Own Words  

Americans for Peace Now compiled quotes from his articles and speeches so that advocates and lawmakers can understand Friedman's views.

Update What We're Reading on Syria 

The five-year war in Syria -- including the siege and bombing of Aleppo that grabbed international attention -- is horrifying. But what's actually happening, and why is it so difficult to end the war? Here's what we're reading.

Update Stop the Killing in Syria 

We are appalled by the escalating humanitarian crisis in Syria, especially the horrifying reports of violence targeting civilians. The U.S. has a moral obligation to protect Syrian civilians from further atrocities.

Update Anti-Free Speech Bill Stalled; Expected to be Reintroduced 

It targets human rights activists, not hatred.

The so-called “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” would expand the definition of Title VI protection to include political criticism of Israel, threatening free speech.

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