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Update What You Can Do to Stop Escalating U.S. War in Syria 

The abhorrent chemical weapons attack in Syria in early April was an act of reprehensible violence against civilians, deserving of the strongest condemnation by the U.S. and the international community.

Letter 55 Representatives Put Brakes on Yemen War 

U.S. Reps. Mark Pocan (D-WI), Justin Amash (R-MI), Ted Lieu (D-CA), Walter Jones (R-NC), Barbara Lee (D-CA) and 50 other Members of Congress put the brakes on war in Yemen by sending a bipartisan letter to President Trump calling on him to come to Congress before escalating military action in Yemen.

FCNL in the News U.S. Politicians and Scholars Debate Legality of Syria Strike 

Kate Gould said a vote on military action in Syria would be a first step for Congress to reclaim its war-making power. “When we see this blatant violation of US and international law when Congress has been sidelined, it is more than worthy to bring Congress back and force a vote. That’s essential,” she told MEE.

Update Analysis: Syria Civilian Protection Act (H.R. 1677)  

“Syria Civilian Protection Act” Would Obstruct Negotiations to Stop the Killing

The Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act (H.R.1677) would undermine its stated goal to encourage a negotiated political solution to halt the slaughter of the Syrian people. Ultimately, as countless U.S. officials and Syria experts have pointed out, a political settlement is the only way to stop the killing.

Statement As Friends, We Reaffirm that War Is Not the Answer in Syria 

There are no easy solutions to the violence in Syria. But our faith and experience lead us to reaffirm that bombing will not end that violence. Only by addressing the root causes of violence and conflict in Syria can we move the U.S. closer to peace.

Action Alert Stop U.S. from Making Syria War Even Worse 

More bombs won't end the crisis in Syria. After more than six years of war, with millions displaced and a death toll of nearly half a million people, it's clear that there is no military solution to this crisis.

Press Release FCNL: Congress Must Stop Trump’s Illegal War in Syria 

The Friends Committee on National Legislation condemns the Trump administration’s airstrikes in Syria, and calls on Congress to urgently intervene against the Trump administration’s unlawful, reckless widening of the war in Syria.

Statement FCNL Calls on Congress to Stop Unlawful Escalation in Syria 

The Trump administration’s missile attack against Syrian government airfields will do nothing to end the bloodshed and violates U.S. and international law. The Friends Committee on National Legislation urges Congress to step forward from the sidelines and reassert its constitutional authority by voting to stop the U.S. from widening the war in Syria.

Letter NGO Letter to President Trump on the Hodeidah Offensive in Yemen 

In a letter to President Trump, 39 NGOs urged him to withhold American support for any offensive against the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah in order to protect the Yemeni people from further suffering. The International Rescue Committee has warned that any attack on Hodeidah port would risk famine and cut off a lifeline, since 70 percent of imports and humanitarian aid enter the country through the port.

Statement Appalling Chemical Weapons Attack Underscores Urgency for Diplomacy and Accountability 

We are shocked and saddened by the horrific chemical weapons attack on civilians in Syria. Our hearts go out the victims, their community, and the Syrian people who have witnessed years of destruction.

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