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Update Native American Economic Development 

Native American Legislative Update

On September 21, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs considered two bills to increase economic opportunity and resources in Indian Country.

Update Victory! Senate Rejects More Money for the Pentagon 

In late May, we told you about a back-room deal that could give $17 billion more to the Pentagon -- and that would have kept the vote off the record. You stepped up, making hundreds of calls opposing the deal. 

Background Understanding Block Grants and Merged Funding Streams 

Plans to address poverty often to include a plan to combine core safety net programs into a grant given to the states. Called "merged funding streams" or "block grants," these are bad policies. Evidence shows they leave the most vulnerable people in the most dire straits.

Press Release FCNL Welcomes Speaker Ryan's Poverty Task Force Recommendations, Urges Further Debate and Discussion 

The task force has given Congress some worthy ideas to consider and debate. However, FCNL remains concerned that certain task force recommendations, particularly some of the work requirements, could lead to increased hardship for individuals who face serious barriers to employment.

Update A Bold Budget for Poverty and Income Inequality 

At FCNL, we often talk about the federal budget as a moral document. It outlines the priorities of this country. If ending poverty, advancing economic opportunity, and addressing income inequality are priorities for the U.S., our budget ought to reflect those values.

Update The President's Budget First Take: What We Like, What We Want to Change 

We were delighted to see that the budget President Barack Obama sent to Congress Tuesday included programs that would lift half a million people out of poverty, reduce child hunger and provide funding to begin to address the impacts of harmful climate change on the world.

Background Translating Principles into Dollars 

The reason the budget is so interesting — and important — is because it requires the government to make real choices about our priorities and values as a country.

Update Budget Update: Wins for the Department of Defense 

Monday night (October 26, 2015), House and Senate budget negotiators agreed on a deal – a budget that will cover FY 2016 (which started October 1 this year) and FY 2017.

Update Spending Speaks Louder than Words 

Budgets send messages about what’s important to us. The federal budget that the Congress passed sends a strong and disappointing message about who we are as a people: “We are afraid, and we don’t take care of our own. “

Letter Over 2,000 Groups Urge Opposition to Fast Track 

On April 27th, over 2,000 organizations wrote to Congress to oppose the Ryan-Hatch Fast Track bill formally dubbed “The Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act of 2015.”

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