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Advocacy Resource Interfaith Resource: Engage With Congress on Family Incarceration and Separation 

Congress has an important role to play to end family incarceration and separation. But right now, they are considering pouring billions of dollars into inhumane immigration enforcement, detention, and border militarization, while considering legislation that could incarcerate more families indefinitely.

Advocacy Resource DHN Releases Pivot Planning Document on Poverty in U.S. 

Poverty still remains a prevalent issue in the U.S., particularly for communities of color. Millions of people remain far from their potential, often living on incomes too low to afford the basics, even if they work.

Advocacy Resource Climate Questions for Candidates 

With the 2018 midterms approaching, candidates will be out in states and districts holding constituent forums and events. These events are great opportunities to engage candidates on important issues like climate change.

Advocacy Resource Election 2018: How You Talk to Candidates Matters 

In some ways, 2018 is similar to other mid-term election years. All 435 seats in the U.S. House are contested. One-third of all Senate seats and 39 governorships will be decided, as well as numerous state and local offices. Candidates are already out in force, telling voters where they stand and listening at town halls and in other public forums.

Advocacy Resource Engaging a Texas Candidate 

Washington Newsletter No. 785, June 2018

A May campaign event for Beto O’Rourke, a candidate for the U.S. Senate, gave Advocacy Corps member Jordan Navarro the chance to ask about climate change. Jordan, who attended the event with several friends, asked O’Rourke, who currently represents Texas’s 16th congressional district, if he would support bipartisan legislation and international efforts to address climate change.

Advocacy Resource Engaging with Candidates 

Washington Newsletter No. 785, June 2018

As the November 6 election approaches, political candidates are hosting town halls, talking to voters, and listening more closely to constituents. This is an opportunity to lift up our concerns for peace and justice with candidates for Congress and state offices, and with the public.

Advocacy Resource Foreign Policy: Questions for Candidates 

Washington Newsletter No. 785, June 2018

Even when you disagree with a candidate, engaging in a civil dialogue can leave the door open for future conversation.

Advocacy Resource What Will You Do This World Refugee Day? 

World Refugee Day (June 20) is an important opportunity to raise awareness about the power of refugee resettlement. We call on members of Congress to push the administration to resettle at least 45,000 refugees this fiscal year, and set a goal of resettling 75,000 refugees next fiscal year (2019).

Advocacy Resource June is Gun Violence Awareness Month 

The month of June is Gun Violence Awareness Month, with a day of action taking place across the country on June 2nd. In preparation for this, we’re compiling some of our own resources as well as materials and information from coalition members and outside organizations that are getting involved.

Advocacy Resource 2018 Elections: Town Halls and Candidate Forums 

Changing the Conversation

You can help shape what the elections in your Congressional district look like: ask questions at candidate forums, or even host a forum yourself!

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