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Action Alert End U.S. Support for Deadly Yemen War 

With the U.S. military already fueling Saudi jets in Yemen, the White House is considering an escalation, from further intelligence sharing to possible direct US military intervention in the Yemen war. Congress can stop the U.S. from fueling the bloodshed in Yemen.

Action Alert A More Peaceful Budget 

Deadline: Friday. That's when the government will shut down, unless Congress reaches a deal on federal spending. Negotiations are tense and ongoing, but the message your members of Congress needs to hear is simple: Don't pour more money into our country's militarized approach to foreign and domestic policies.

Action Alert Too Much for War. Not Enough for Peace 

Our country has a bad habit of excessive military spending, and we’re all paying for it — through our taxes and through foreign policy that relies too heavily on military options.

Action Alert Meet Face-to-Face to Stop Escalating War in Syria 

Congress is in-district from April 7-24, and they'll be listening closely for your perspective on the recent attacks on Syria. Dropping by their office or going to a town hall is one of the best ways to make your voice heard.

Action Alert Stop U.S. from Making Syria War Even Worse 

More bombs won't end the crisis in Syria. After more than six years of war, with millions displaced and a death toll of nearly half a million people, it's clear that there is no military solution to this crisis.

Action Alert New Health Care "Compromise" Protects Insurance Companies, Not Patients 

Don't let Congress sneak through an even worse health care bill. Vice President Mike Pence and Freedom Caucus members are working on a "compromise" health care bill. Some are hoping it could come to a vote as soon as this week.

Action Alert 280 Civilians Dead. Call for an Investigation 

In just one week, three U.S.-led airstrikes killed more than 280 civilians. Two hundred eighty people were going about their lives in a mosque in Syria on March 16, a neighborhood in Iraq on March 17, and a school in Syria on March 21 when bombs dropped by a U.S.-led coalition killed them.

Action Alert 55 Representatives Tell Trump to Put Brakes on Yemen War 

Your calls made a difference! 55 Representatives released a bipartisan letter to President Trump, calling on him to come to Congress before taking military action in Yemen.

Action Alert Act Now to Block Dangerous Sanctions on Iran 

Your senators are considering new sanctions legislation that would put the Iran nuclear deal in jeopardy and risk putting the U.S. on path toward war with Iran. Urge your senators to oppose this anti-diplomacy, saber-rattling bill.

Action Alert Health Care Vote: Urge Your Reps Not to Compromise 

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan doesn’t have the votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act – but that could change in a moment unless we keep up the pressure. Encourage your members of Congress to oppose any efforts to repeal the ACA.

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