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Update Senate Re-Introduces Sentencing Reform 

Senate sponsors, led by Senators Grassley (IA) and Durbin (IL), have re-introduced the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act (SRCA). This bill is a comprehensive criminal justice reform bill that would make fair, smart reductions in mandatory minimum sentences and lower our massive prison population at the federal level.

FCNL in the News Tea Party-Aligned Group Helping Push Congress To Debate U.S. Role In Yemen War 

And GOP leaders in the House who seek to defer to the Trump administration and avoid upsetting Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other American partners invested in the war may attempt to prevent the vote from taking place altogether through arcane legislative maneuvers, said Kate Gould of the Friends Committee for National Legislation.

Update Behind The Scenes, Work Continues on Criminal Justice Reform 

What Congress is doing – and needs to do – on criminal and juvenile justice.

FCNL is working as hard as ever to end mass incarceration. You might see less talk about it on the news or in Congress, but we know that criminal justice reform is still crucial.

Update Inside the Greenhouse 


We seek an earth restored. “Inside the Greenhouse” is a monthly newsletter which provides insight into FCNL’s environmental work, discusses opportunities to engage members of Congress on environmental issues, and shares stories of your work around the country.

Update No Time to Waste for Climate Change 

The Advocacy Corps’ first month

This Advocacy Corps is going to change the dialogue on climate change – I can already see it.

Meet Our New Young Fellows! 

This August, FCNL happily welcomed our newest class of Young Fellows! Each year, a cohort of recent college graduates spend 11 months working with key staff members at FCNL to build expertise in advocacy from a public interest perspective.

Hear First About Spring Lobby Weekend 

Sign up to find out when Spring Lobby Registration is open.

Update First Week in Washington 

Advocacy Corps Summer Intensive

Advocacy Corps organizers from around the country gathered in Washington, DC to connect and learn from each other and experts on Capitol Hill.

Event Spring Lobby Weekend 

March 17-20, 2018 in Washington, DC

Join hundreds of young adults for a four-day conference with training, networking, policy briefings, community, and advocacy.

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