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Update Experts Hold Briefing on Korean Diplomacy in Quaker Welcome Center  

The Quaker Welcome Center was envisioned as a venue for bipartisan dialogue and the promotion of peace, justice, and environmental sustainability. On Oct. 4, the space once again fulfilled that vision.

Statement FCNL Statement on the Impeachment Inquiry of President Trump 

The Friends Committee on National Legislation supports the ongoing impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump led by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Washington Newsletter Washington Newsletter: Growing and Deepening Our Lobbying Around the Country 

FCNL constituents visited local congressional offices across the country this summer while Congress was home for the August recess. Working with staff from our Washington office, volunteers organized more than 129 lobby visits or in some cases just dropped by congressional offices.

Background End This New Arms Race 

Question & Answer with DeAnne Butterfield

DeAnne Butterfield spent this summer as a Friend in Washington, a program where seasoned Friends share their experience. She is a member of FCNL’s General Committee and the Intermountain Yearly Meeting.

Update Directors Agree to New Management of William Penn House 

For more than 50 years, FCNL and William Penn House have worked to advance Quaker witness on Capitol Hill. After several months of discernment and worship, the boards of directors of both organizations agreed that the FCNL Education Fund would assume governance and management of William Penn House effective Sept. 1, 2019.

Hoping to Heal a Wounded Nation 

Minute of Concern

Minutes are faithfully discerned messages that powerfully communicate concerns weighing heavily on the hearts and minds within the Meeting. Minutes can also help Friends convert faith into action with members of Congress. We encourage Friends to consider forwarding Meeting Minutes as advocacy tools, as we lift concerns for peace and justice. For more information, please visit fcnl.org/minutes. North Carolina Fellowship of Friends offers this prayer, read aloud during their August 10, 2019, gathering in Quaker Haven Camp, NC.

Event Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Day: The Long Arc of FCNL Advocacy 

Oct. 23, 6:30 p.m. EDT | Quaker Welcome Center or Online

Columbus Day overlooks a painful colonial history and minimizes the important contributions made by Indigenous peoples throughout this continent’s history. That’s why FCNL has chosen to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day instead.

Update Cultivating Young Social Justice Advocates 

Returning from the 10-day Washington Summer Intensive, FCNL’s 20 Advocacy Corps organizers knew they would be faced with the difficult task of advocating for legislation to end gun violence. But they didn’t know that within days the issue would tragically return to the front pages after a terrible round of mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

Update Ten Young Fellows Join FCNL for 2019-2020 

Ten new college graduates recently joined FCNL staff as the 2019-2020 Young Fellows. During their fellowship, they will work as program assistants with FCNL staff to build their advocacy expertise.

Update With Grassroots Voices, Change Can Happen in Congress 

I got my first in-depth education on the Yemen crises at a panel featuring Shireen Al-Adiemi, a Yemeni activist and contributor to the magazine In These Times. Beyond the humanitarian catastrophe and the complex history of the Yemen war, Shireen’s description of Saudi Arabia’s use of Al-Qaeda fighters and Sudanese child soldiers in their war against the Houthi army really disturbed me.

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