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Letter Bipartisan Coalition Urges Congress to Reject Bill Limiting Military Withdrawal from Africa 

On March 4, Rep. Jimmy Panetta (CA-20) introduced the U.S.–Africa Strategic Security Act (H.R. 6089), which would prevent the administration from using money meant to reduce the number of currently deployed U.S. troops in Africa. To lift the prohibition, the legislation would require unclassified reports to Congress on everything from the impact of the withdrawal on countering armed insurgents to its effects on growing Russian and Chinese influence.

Letter FCNL Calls for Peacebuilding Support in FY21 Budget 

FCNL is committed to lifting up an alternative U.S. foreign policy that builds sustainable peace, respects human rights, and prevents atrocities and conflict. As we have for over a decade, FCNL joined with members of the Prevention and Protection Working Group to urge Congress to robustly fund peacebuilding in the fiscal year 2021 budget.

Letter Faith Organizations Call for Withdrawal of Proposed NEPA Changes 

FCNL joined 19 other faith organizations in submitting a comment to the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) on the proposed changes to the landmark National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). The comment urges CEQ to withdraw its proposed changes, which would limit opportunities for affected communities to be heard and hinder the scope of analysis for environmental impacts.

Letter FCNL and 25 Organizations Call on Congress to Prioritize Clean Energy Tax Incentives 

FCNL was one of 25 national organizations, including environmental and renewable trade associations, to urge Congress to prioritize enacting a robust package of critical clean energy tax incentives this year. Specifically, the letter asks Congress to update and extend tax incentives for clean energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, and electric vehicles, actions that are essential for addressing climate change.

Letter 21 Faith Organizations Call on Congress to Mitigate Damage from Border Wall Construction 

FCNL joined 20 other religious organizations in submitting a statement to the House Homeland Security Committee titled “Examining the Effect of the Border Wall on Private and Tribal Landowners.” The comment states that “the rampant use of waivers and eminent domain to further border wall construction harms human communities and wildlife, and interferes with the sovereignty of indigenous communities in the border region.”

Letter FCNL and 26 Faith Communities Call on EPA to Add PFAS to Toxics List 

FCNL joined 26 other faith communities in sending a comment to the Environmental Protection Agency calling for the addition of all per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI). PFAS are chemicals that accumulate in the human body and have harmful environmental impacts. Strengthening regulatory standards and procedures surrounding these harmful chemicals furthers FCNL’s mission of seeking an earth restored.

Letter 46 Groups Urge Congress to Repeal 2002 Iraq War Authorization 

The House will vote this Thursday on repeal of the 2002 Iraq War Authorization. On Jan. 27, FCNL joined a diverse group of organizations from across the ideological spectrum in sending a letter to Congress in support of repeal. Specifically, the groups urged representatives to vote for an amendment to H.R. 550, the Gold Medal Act of 2019. This amendment is nearly identical to Rep. Barbara Lee’s (CA-13) NDAA provision repealing the 2002 Iraq War Authorization, which the House passed last summer, as well as her standalone repeal bill, H.R. 2456.

Letter Faith Leaders Urge Congress to Stand for Peace with Iran 

On Jan. 9, FCNL's General Secretary Diane Randall joined a group of faith leaders in calling on Congress to reassert its war powers authority and pass legislation to prohibit war with Iran.

Letter FCNL Joins Faith Coalition in Statement Calling for Peace with Iran 

FCNL joined 35 faith organizations and communities in a statement condemning the escalation of violence with Iran and calling on the U.S. to work towards lasting peace.

Letter FCNL Joins Faith Coalition Calling for Significant Cuts in Pentagon Spending 

Today, FCNL joined 31 other faith organizations and 70 faith leaders in drafting and delivering an open letter to all 2020 presidential candidates. The letter urges them to call for significant cuts to the nation’s military budget and a renewed investment in funding for education, healthcare, and other vital domestic programs.

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