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Washington Newsletter: Investing in Loving Our Neighbors

March 1, 2019

How do we answer to “that of God” within every sojourner in our midst?

Communities across the southern border are putting that faithful query into practice every day. In contrast, Congress is emphasizing increased detention and border militarization, treating community support for migrants as an afterthought.

As Friends lobbying for just laws, our work is to bridge this divide and ensure that the government treats migrants with dignity. You can see a spark of this vision daily in American communities from Brownsville, TX to San Diego, CA.

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Update Investing in Loving Our Neighbors 

How do we answer to “that of God” within every sojourner in our midst?

Background The Simplicity Testimony 

When asked to speak to the simplicity testimony, Quaker Lloyd Lee Wilson said, “Simplicity is the name we give to our effort to free ourselves to give full attention to God’s still, small voice: the sum of our efforts to subtract from our lives everything that competes with God for our attention and clear hearing.”

Update Mobilizing Communities Against Police Militarization 

More than halfway through their assignments, we are seeing the blossoming of ideas developed by our Advocacy Corps–or organizers–on engaging their communities in stopping the militarization of local police. This issue especially affects communities of color and low-income neighborhoods

Update Quaker Witness at the Southern Border 

General Committee members Sandy Feutz and Tom Vaughan visited the U.S.-Mexico border.

Event Quaker Changemaker Events: April-May 

In the next two months, the Quaker Welcome Center will host two events that are part of our Quaker Changemaker Series. Join these hour-long discussions of topics linked to advocacy, our persistence, and our vision of the world we seek.

Update Quaker Religious Education on the Road 

By Beth Collea

The FCNL Quaker Welcome Center is a new “must see” stop for Quaker students and families visiting Washington, DC.

Background Militarization of our Southern Border 

Question & Answer with Tom Vaughan

General Committee members Tom Vaughan & Sandy Feutz engage in Witness at the Southern Border by photographing what goes on there. We spoke with Tom about this work.