1. Update

Spring Lobby Registration Is Open!

March 17-20, 2018

By Katie Breslin, December 14, 2017

Spring Lobby Weekend registration is open! As you may have heard, from March 17-20, 2018, we will be lobbying Congress to advance meaningful reforms to our broken immigration system, not endless enforcement.

Register now for Spring Lobby Weekend!

Join us March 23-26, 2019 in Washington, D.C. 

Don’t wait until Spring Lobby Weekend to take action, though! You can get a head start on your activism by contacting Congress right now to pass a Clean Dream Act. The actions we take today in this Congress will put us in a better position for what may come in March.

Register for Spring Lobby Weekend and commit to working towards an immigration system that treats people with humanity and justice. See you in March!

Katie Breslin

  • Young Adult Program Manager

As FCNL’s Young Adult Program Manager, Katie organizes, trains, and supports the efforts of young activists and leaders to affect big, long-term change within Congress. She offers hands-on leadership experience for young people across the country who work on their college campus or in their home community to mobilize people to engage with Congress.