Katie Breslin

As FCNL’s Young Adult Program Manager, Katie organizes, trains, and supports the efforts of 18 young activists and leaders to affect big, long-term change within Congress. She offers hands-on leadership experience for young people across the country who work on their college campus or in their home community to mobilize people to engage with Congress.

A native Pennsylvanian, Katie Breslin developed a passion for social justice and politics at an early age. She graduated with honors from Trinity Washington University in Washington, DC with a bachelor’s degree in political science. As a grassroots advocate, Katie has worked at numerous non-profits, and on many campaigns. In her free time, Katie is the Chair of the Board of the Women’s Information Network, a non-profit in Washington, DC.


Articles by Katie Breslin

Update A Conversation on Income Inequality 

Income inequality in our current economic system is a problem, both for fairness and for the strength of the economy.

Event Spring Lobby Weekend 

March 18-21, 2017 in Washington, DC

The U.S. Congress is heading for a showdown about access to health care, Medicaid, and other programs that have kept tens of millions of people out of poverty for 50 years. This weekend, more than 400 young adults are coming to Washington to lobby Congress to #ResistInjustice.