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#MarchForOurLives Event at the Quaker Welcome Center

March 24, 2018 in Washington, DC

By Michelle Beers

Quakers and friends are gathering in DC for the youth led #MarchforourLives rally and march on Washington March 24th, 2018. FCNL will open the Quaker Welcome Center as a hospitality space to support Friends and allies who will be at the rally.

Quote: "We ought to be willing work..."

  • FCNL welcomes Friends to witness and worship at the new Quaker Welcome Center over the course of Saturday, March 24th, 2018 from 8am - 3pm.

  • For those who visit, we will share and introduce Friends to our advocacy tools and offer 15 minute stand up lobby tips. We will encourage Friends to lobby their representatives upon their return home.

  • We will introduce Friends to the Quaker Welcome Center for future lobby training purposes as well as other potential events.

Event details:

8:00 am-3:00 pm

8 am: Hospitality. Tables with FCNL Legislative asks and lobbying how-to’s. 8:30 am-9:00 am Meeting for Worship

9-9:30 am Join FCNL Legislative Director of Domestic Policy Amelia Kegan and Friends for latest legislative information against gun violence.

We will be holding the space in prayer: 10 am, noon, 2 pm.

We do not have parking available. The nearest metro station is Union Station and is a 8-10 minute walk away.

RSVP on the event page.


You may contact FCNL's Quaker Field Secretary, Christine Ashley, at cashley@fcnl.org for more information.

For those attending the March for Our Lives who may need housing in Washington, DC:

Friends Meeting of Washington is opening doors and floors March 23rd-25th for the upcoming rally for gun control (March for Our Lives, March 24), and Friends are happy to host you overnight on March 23 and/or March 24, should you choose to come.

There are also some Meeting members who have available guest rooms/sofas/air mattresses, should you prefer to stay in a private home.

To sign up for space at the Meeting House please contact Debby Churchman of Friends Meeting of Washington at admin@quakersdc.org

Michelle Beers

  • Program Assistant, Field Program

Michelle Beers works with the Quaker Field Secretary Christine Ashley on building relationships with Quaker and non-Quaker constituents across the country. Michelle helps empower constituents to be civically-minded and to advocate on the issues they care about by connecting them with pertinent and relevant resources and instructions about lobbying and faith-based action.