FCNL Young Fellows 2019-2020

Meet FCNL's 2019-2020 class of Young Fellows! These recent college graduates spend 11 months working with key staff members to build expertise in advocacy from a public interest perspective.

Alex Frandsen

  • Program Assistant, Communications

Alex Frandsen is the Program Assistant for Communications. Through close collaboration with the office’s various teams, he strives to highlight the impact made by FCNL and connect our messaging with the outside world.

Alicia Cannon

  • Program Assistant, Sustainable Energy and Environment

Alicia is the Program Assistant for Sustainable Energy and Environment. She advocates for the preservation of the environment, recognition of climate change, and the enactment of legislation that promotes sustainable solutions to our current climate crisis. She meets members of Congress on both sides of the aisle to promote FCNL’s environmental policy.

Bobby Trice

  • Program Assistant, Quaker Outreach

Bobby is the Program Assistant for Quaker Outreach alongside Quaker Field Secretary Christine Ashley. He cultivates relationships with FCNL constituents, thus supporting Quakers’ spirit-led advocacy on Capitol Hill and around the nation. Bobby comes to FCNL from Swannanoa Valley Friends Meeting.

Don Chen

  • Program Assistant, Militarism and Human Rights

Don is the Program Assistant for Militarism and Human Rights. He works to move U.S. foreign policy towards a more peaceful and ethical direction, primarily supporting efforts to end the war in Afghanistan and repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF). Don works with nationwide grassroots supporters, coalition partners, members of Congress, and legislative staff to reduce the human cost of American foreign policy.

Joe D'Antonio

  • Program Assistant, Criminal Justice and Election Integrity

Joe D’Antonio is the Program Assistant for Criminal Justice and Election Integrity. His primary responsibilities include lobbying members of Congress, writing policy updates, and conducting legislative research.

Karla Molinar-Arvizo

  • Program Assistant, Immigration and Refugee Policy

Karla is the Program Assistant for Immigration and Refugee Policy. In her work, Karla tracks key legislation on congressional appropriations and funding, collaborates with partner organizations, and uplifts the values of FCNL through congressional visits and lobbying. She believes in the importance of maintaining relationships with constituents, and advocates for an immigration system where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

Monica Montgomery

  • Program Assistant, Nuclear Disarmament and Pentagon Spending

Monica is the Program Assistant for Nuclear Disarmament and Pentagon Spending. She advocates for the reduction of the role of nuclear weapons in U.S. foreign policy, the advancement of diplomacy and international agreements regarding arms control, and a cutback in the level of defense spending. Alongside constituents and coalition partners, she works with Congress to promote bipartisan support for FCNL’s work on nuclear weapons and Pentagon spending policy. In addition to her lobbying tasks, she is responsible for maintaining the FCNL Nuclear Calendar.

Parissa Joukar

  • Program Assistant, Middle East Policy

Parissa is the Program Assistant for Middle East Policy. She helps maintain the FCNL World Twitter account, offers communications support to allies across the country, and tracks legislative activity on Capitol Hill.

Rachel Stromsta

  • Program Assistant, Peacebuilding

Rachel is the Program Assistant for Peacebuilding. She supports FCNL’s lobbying efforts to reform U.S. foreign policy from one that is overly militarized to one that prevents, mitigates, and transforms violent conflict. Rachel also facilitates the work of the Prevention and Protection Working Group, a coalition of organizations dedicated to reducing violent conflict, preventing mass atrocities, and protecting civilians threatened by such crises.

Sergio Mata-Cisneros

  • Program Assistant, Young Adult Outreach

Sergio Mata-Cisneros is the Program Assistant for Young Adult Outreach. He works alongside FCNL's Advocacy Corps Coordinator, Larissa Gil Sanhueza. Together they’re building FCNL’s young adult network and advocacy throughout the country.

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Work with FCNL Young Fellows Program 

Application opens October 2019. Deadline: February 17, 2020.

Recent college graduates spend 11 months working with key staff members at FCNL to build expertise in advocacy from a public interest perspective. Applications are due February 17, 2020 for the program beginning in August 2020.