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Diplomacy With Iran and North Korea: Resources

The administration has treated diplomacy with both Iran and North Korea as a second thought. If the U.S. wants to foster sustainable peace and prevent nuclear proliferation - or even nuclear war - the U.S. needs to try diplomacy instead.

That's what FCNL lobbyists Anthony Wier, who lobbies on nuclear disarmament and Pentagon spending, and Kate Gould, who lobbies on the Middle East discussed in a November 30 nationwide conference call.

Here are resources mentioned on the call:

North Korea

War with North Korea would be disastrous, and diplomacy is a vital tool the U.S. should be employing. It makes a difference for Congress to hear their constituents' support for diplomacy, and Congress should be the body deciding whether we go to war. Urge your members of Congress to support H.R. 4140/S.2016 and S. 2047.


  • Take action: Urge your members of Congress to speak out in favor of the Iran deal.

Diplomacy with Iran has worked, and we need it to keep working. Tell your members of Congress to publicly state their support of the deal, especially as the next deadline approaches on January 15.