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Prevent War with North Korea

Support H.R. 4140/S.2016 and S. 2047

War with North Korea would be a strategic disaster for the United States and its regional allies. Congress urgently needs to seize control of this situation and stop the dangerous, escalating rhetoric on both sides from sparking a global catastrophe.

Support H.R. 4140/S. 2016 and S. 2047 to keep President Trump from starting a war with North Korea without congressional authorization

  • The No Unconstitutional Strike Against North Korea Act (H.R. 4140/S. 2016) and S. 2047, A bill to restrict the use of funds for kinetic military operations in North Korea, would bar the use of funds for President Trump to start a war with North Korea without congressional authorization or absent an attack on the U.S. or allies.
  • The North Korean challenge is urgent, but the United States has successfully used dialogue and diplomacy in the past to avoid both war and capitulation.
  • Sanctions, missile defenses, threats, and pressure on other countries cannot be relied on as stand-alone solutions to stop further North Korean nuclear and missile advances or to avoid catastrophic misunderstandings and miscalculations.
  • Avoiding war and reducing tensions should be key objectives of U.S. strategy and diplomacy alongside denuclearization, nonproliferation, and human rights.

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