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Prevent War with North Korea

Cosponsor S. 2047/H.R. 4837

As diplomatic engagement moves ahead with North Korea, we need members of Congress to make strong statements supporting the sustained, robust use of diplomacy to address the challenges posed by North Korea.

War with North Korea would kill hundreds of thousands and would impose disastrous costs on the United States and its allies. Congress must press back against loose talk of war and instead urge the United States to pursue every opening for diplomacy.

While backing a return to the negotiating table, we also urge all members of Congress to cosponsor S. 2047, the Preventing Preemptive War in North Korea Act of 2017, or H.R. 4837, the No Unconstitutional Strike on North Korea Act, which would use Congress’ power over the purse to bar taxpayer funds from being used to attack North Korea absent congressional authorization or an imminent attack on the United States or its allies.

We urge members of Congress to support sustained diplomacy and cosponsor S. 2047 or H.R. 4837.

  • Sustain diplomacy: Congress must urge the administration to sustain negotiations with North Korea and pursue every opportunity for diplomacy and engagement.
  • War is not an option: Threats of war and sanctions alone have failed to halt or roll back North Korea’s nuclear and missile advances, and could lead to dangerous accidents and miscalculations.
  • Congress must lead: Congress needs to reassert its constitutional authority to decide when the United States launches a preventive war.

FCNL Contact: Anthony Wier, Anthony@fcnl.org