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Celebrating World Quaker Day

Friends Committee on National Legislation joyfully joins Friends from meetings and churches around the world to celebrate World Quaker Day on Oct. 7.

By Christine Ashley, October 3, 2018

When I arrive at the FCNL office, I always stop for a moment before entering the building, just to read the banner hanging from the outside our building: #lovethyneighbor (No Exceptions).

Love Thy Neighbor: Planting Seeds in Congress

This message grounds me in Quaker faith and practice, reminding me of the core belief we share as Friends across the globe: God is here and in every one of us. It is the “Quaker imperative,” and guides us in our work as FCNL’s Quaker advocates of peace, justice, and equity.

For FCNL, the Quaker imperative took form in 1943 and in a world on fire, when a body of some 54 Friends from different corners of the Society came together in Richmond, Ind. to follow the call of William Penn to “try then what Love will do.”

This year, the Friends Committee on National Legislation celebrates 75 years as the oldest faith-based lobby on Capitol Hill, and we continue the work of bringing Friends’ concerns to our congressional representatives and speaking Truth to power.

Being a Quaker advocate is radical work. FCNL and Friends carry the message, “#lovethyneighbor (No Exceptions),” into congressional offices to actively chart new courses of communication and legislation with those who some might view as adversaries. As we do so, this is my hope: That we may we actively listen to one another, and through our efforts, agree to weather disagreements and commit to building relationships. That we may ease our way forward to more honest, open, and ongoing communication with our members of Congress.

And that as we lift up pathways to the world we seek with our members of Congress, we may protect the most vulnerable people and the Earth, forge a path of peace amongst all, and knit justice in to the fabric of all policies.

That is a lot to hope for, but we know that with God all things are possible. Today, you can take one direct action to ensure that our most vulnerable in this country do not go hungry. Take a moment to email or call your member of Congress, let them know that we believe in taking care of our most vulnerable.

One prayer and one action on this World Quaker Day.

We remember #lovethyneighbor (No Exceptions).

Christine Ashley

  • Quaker Field Secretary

Christine Ashley has the honor of nurturing and deepening FCNL’s relationships with Friends across the United States. In this role, Christine develops and sustains FCNL's engagement with individuals both within the Religious Society of Friends and with seekers for the Quaker way of living Faith in to action.