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We mourn all those lost in the mass shootings this weekend in Buffalo, NY, and Laguna Woods, CA.

In Buffalo, a white shooter gunned down 10 people and injured three others in a supermarket located in a predominantly Black neighborhood. The shooter is believed to be the author of a manifesto posted online detailing white supremacist ideologies. 

In Laguna Woods, a shooter entered a church and opened fire on the congregation, killing one person and injuring five others.

Below are statements from FCNL leaders on this tragic weekend:

Bridget Moix, General Secretary

“Our hearts break yet again for all who lost their lives in the shootings this weekend, and we hold all their communities in the Light.  But grieving is not enough. White supremacy and gun violence are embedded in our society and a tragic moral failure of our country. We call on Congress, the White House, and all our leaders to do more to end this rampage of hate and to uproot the racism and militarism behind it.”

Amelia Kegan, Legislative Director for Domestic Policy

“In the wake of the horrible tragedies this weekend, we once again call on Congress to pass common-sense gun violence prevention laws like universal background checks and extreme risk protection orders. But this is about much more. Racism and misguided gun laws are costing lives every single day. We cannot normalize these horrific events or accept the racist rhetoric that contributes to them. It is long past time for Congress to act. Basic humanity demands nothing less.”

José Santos Woss, Director for Justice Reform

“Let us fully acknowledge the ugliness of this tragedy: An avowed racist travelled 200 miles, conducted reconnaissance, and then proceeded to kill as many Black people as possible with an assault rifle. Simply put, this is the result when you combine two of America’s core crises, white supremacy and gun violence. Further inaction from our leaders to address these crises will only lead to more loss and horror.”