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Washington, DC – Today, more than 450 advocates from 44 states and Washington, D.C. join the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) to lobby Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act. Their lobbying, which takes place as part of the 77th Annual Meeting and Quaker Public Policy Institute, specifically calls on lawmakers to extend crucial expansions to the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit.

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“As Quakers, our faith guides us to foster a more equitable world in which every person can flourish. This is a historic opportunity for Congress to give immediate help to millions of their constituents and to strengthen our country’s future,” said FCNL General Secretary Diane Randall. “Lawmakers must seize this moment. Pass the Build Back Better Act, extend historic expansions to the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit, and give families and communities the investments that will allow our country to thrive.”

For the first time in nearly half a century, Congress is considering legislation that could permanently transform our country’s approach to supporting children and families. In advance of an anticipated vote on the Build Back Better Act, FCNL advocates have scheduled roughly 200 congressional visits.

“By making the full Child Tax Credit permanently available to low-income families through the Build Back Better Act, Congress can provide a lifeline to those struggling to put food on the table,” said Amelia Kegan, FCNL’s legislative director for domestic policy. “If lawmakers fail to act, the parents of tens of millions of low-income children will no longer receive the full Child Tax Credit, and all families will see their credits reduced. The message our advocates are telling Congress couldn’t come at a more crucial time.”

FCNL’s Annual Meeting and the Quaker Public Policy Institute, held November 17-21, brings together Quakers and friends from across the country. Attendees engage with their members of Congress, join in fellowship and worship, and work to advance FCNL’s advocacy on Capitol Hill. The Quaker lobby will also present awards to Rep. Rosa DeLauro (CT) and Sen. Todd Young (IN) at the event, in recognition of their commitment to peace and justice.

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Alex Frandsen

Alex Frandsen

Communications Strategist
Alex Frandsen served as a member of FCNL’s Communications Team from 2019-2023. Through close collaboration with the office’s various teams, he worked to connect FCNL’s work and messaging with the broader world.