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The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) praises House passage of the For the People Act (H.R.1). The legislation is designed to improve election integrity by focusing on voting and election laws, campaign finance, and ethics.

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The For The People Act is a comprehensive, sweeping package of democracy reforms that will expand and protect voting rights for all, end gerrymandering, get dark money out of politics, and restore transparency and accountability in our government. The provisions of the For the People Act are popular among the majority of Americans, no matter political affiliation.

“The government and governance of our country works best when all of our citizens feel empowered and are involved in our democracy on a free, fair, and equal basis. That is fundamental to a healthy society. And while no one bill or piece of legislation can act as a cure-all, H.R.1 is a large step in the right direction,” said Diane Randall, FCNL’s General Secretary. “We are hopeful the Senate will follow the House’s lead and take action on this issue which is foundational to our democracy.”

The For the People Act’s passage in the House could not have come during a time of a greater need. Since the House last passed this legislation in 2019, we’ve seen hundreds of bills in statehouses across the country seeking to suppress votes. These bills intentionally seek to silence the voices of the American people, particularly Black and brown voters, who voted in record numbers this past election cycle.

The For the People Act strengthens political power in black and brown communities by creating national standards that protect the freedom to vote, limiting the power of special interests and wealthy donors, and eliminating gerrymandering.

The Senate must follow suit and pass the For the People Act. Our democracy is too precious and fragile to wait any longer.

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Tim McHugh

Timothy McHugh

Director of Media Relations
Tim leads organizational efforts to communicate about issues, victories, priorities, and updates through all available news channels – specifically the major media outlets.