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Washington, DC – The Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) is pleased to learn General Secretary Diane Randall was named as a new Gender Champion in Nuclear Policy by the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI).

Tim McHugh,,

In bestowing the distinction, NTI pointed to the leading role Randall has played in making FCNL a leading voice for nuclear disarmament and arms reduction on Capitol Hill. It also cited FCNL’s long history in working to reduce the threat from nuclear weapons and warfare.

“This distinction is a great honor while being incredibly humbling. And it is even more exciting to receive this honor while such important positive moves are being made on the nuclear front. The United States and Russia just extended the New START treaty for an additional five years to name just one,” said Dianne Randall. “Quakers, especially women Quakers, have been leading anti-nuclear efforts since 1945, after the first bombs were dropped in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We will continue to work for the elimination of nuclear weapons and will not waver.”

Founded in 2018, Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy is a leadership network that brings together heads of organizations working in nuclear policy committed to breaking down gender barriers and making gender equity a reality in their lives and professions. There are currently more than 50 Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy.

“Eliminating the threat of nuclear destruction is not easy, and often painfully slow. Our very existence is at stake and we have a moral obligation to end the possibility that nuclear weapons could ever be used,” Randall said. “I join with the Nuclear Threat Initiative and my fellow Gender Champions in working to abolish nuclear weapons. Together, can make a nuclear-free world a reality.”

Diane Randall has worked on nuclear issues since 1981, starting with the Nuclear Freeze movement in Omaha, Nebraska.

NTI is a long-term funder of FCNL’s educational work, including production of the weekly Nuclear Calendar.

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Tim McHugh

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