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FCNL’s Young Adult Program has been busy at work this fall! Like everyone else, we’ve had to adjust to a virtual world full of Zoom tutorials, internet connectivity issues, and reminders of “you’re on mute.” 

But while much in the world is different, one thing has remained the same: the drive of young adults to advocate and affect change. This fall, we have made sure to continue providing the training and resources young adults need to strengthen their advocacy.

We’ve been popping into virtual classrooms and club meetings across the country.

In some ways, going virtual has offered us a lot more flexibility in our everyday work, and we’ve been taking full advantage of that! Not having the physical boundaries of traveling from campus to campus enables us to jump from visits in New Mexico to Tennessee all in one day. We’ve been popping into virtual classrooms and club meetings, getting to know young adults from all over the country, and leading them through professional development trainings on advocacy and lobbying. Between October and November alone, we’ve held 18 of these trainings in 11 states.

We’re also moving full speed ahead with our Delegation Leaders Program, creating a cohort of advocates that are mobilizing their peers and communities to take action with us at Spring Lobby Weekend, our young adult advocacy conference. Spring Lobby Weekend 2021 will take place from March 20-23 and will focus on the demilitarization of the police. With Delegation Leaders from California to Kansas to New York, hundreds of people from around the country will be able to gather virtually to advocate together. 

Even in the midst of a pandemic, the need for peace and justice goes on.

By continuing to engage with young adults, we  hope to add a sense of normalcy in a time that can seem overwhelming and chaotic.

With so many changes to our education and daily life, still offering opportunities for conversation, community building, networking and professional development are so important. These things are what keep us going! 

Even in the midst of a pandemic, the need for change oriented towards peace and justice goes on, and we need advocates like you to be a driving force behind it. We’ve seen you create change before and know we have the power to do more. 

Want us to visit a campus or group that you are connected with? Email me at

Headshot of Hudson Sievers

Hudson Sievers

Consultant, Advocacy Teams Trainer

As an Advocacy Team Trainer, Hudson provides teams with extra support to be strong communities and advocates.