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On April 21, the President announced he would temporarily halt certain immigration through executive order. As a Quaker organization, FCNL rejects using this crisis as leverage to further cruel and harmful policies (immigration or anything else).

The administration should be focusing in providing ample protections to ensure the wellbeing of all during this crisis. Instead, the president is moving forward an unfounded and wide-reaching ban halting immigration for about 660,000 people - including families.

Congress - and Congress alone - has the power to enact immigration laws.

It is disappointing to see yet another executive order betraying our values and moral responsibility as a nation. The move is in clear disregard of the integrity of our immigration system and our nation’s promise of liberty and safe harbor for the oppressed. It diminishes our national recognition of immigrants as a source of continuing strength.

Congress - and Congress alone - has the power to enact immigration laws. The president must not once again abuse his authority by circumventing Congressional power. The president should not weaponize immigration laws to rewrite our immigration policy. We urge Congress to rein in such wide-reaching and destructive policies from the executive branch.

Karla Molinar-Arvizo

Karla Molinar-Arvizo

Program Assistant, Immigration and Refugee Policy
Karla was the Program Assistant for Immigration and Refugee Policy. In her work, Karla tracked key legislation on congressional appropriations and funding, collaborated with partner organizations, and uplifted the values of FCNL through congressional visits and lobbying.

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