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The Senate’s “repeal and delay” health care plan pushes 32 million people off a health care coverage cliff over 10 years.

Repeal and delay gives us two whole years to replace the Affordable Care Act! You'll be fine.

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Interesting... One year in, and 17 million people have already lost coverage.
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By the way.... We've decided to shred the safety net while we're at it.

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Don't worry. We'll have something figured out before you hit bottom.

According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the Obamacare Repeal and Reconciliation Act would cause 17 million people to lose health coverage in the first year after passage, with premiums jumping 25 percent.

In the years following, experts predict that repeal legislation would cause a near-total collapse of the individual marketplace, dramatic drops in employer-provided health coverage, and skyrocketing premiums.

Thank you!

Your advocacy protected the Affordable Care Act. Now hold your senators accountable for their votes.

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