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Today the Friends Committee on National Legislation applauds our nation’s delivery of its first payment to the Green Climate Fund.

As peoples across the developing world continue to be deeply impacted by climate disruption right now, the Fund is a vital and innovative way for their nations to prepare for and build resilience to its impacts.

The faith community strongly supports the Green Climate Fund because it dedicates a large percentage of funding to serve the needs of peoples in nations most vulnerable to climate disruption such as small island developing states and least developed countries.

The Fund also directs a large percentage of funding to help communities build resilience to climate disruptions - such as projects which enable vulnerable communities protect their food and water sources within a changing climate.

Our nation’s first payment to the Fund today is an encouraging reflection of one of Martin Luther King’s aspirations when he said, “Every nation must now develop an overriding loyalty to mankind as a whole in order to preserve the best in their individual societies.”

Jose Aguto

Jose Aguto

Former Legislative Secretary, Sustainable Energy and Environment

Jose Aguto advocated for national policies supporting the sustainable use and management of our Earth’s resources and ecosystems so that all may thrive. He lead the Sustainable Energy and Environment Program, which leads interfaith, non-partisan, grassroots and multi-sectoral efforts on climate disruption to promote bipartisan dialogue and solutions in Congress. It also seeks to facilitate stronger relationships and collaboration across different sectors of the climate movement.