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Many foundations and other institutional funders are now requiring that grantees certify as a condition for receiving a grant that they are not supporting terrorism.

Some funders are under pressure to request certification to protect their operations from government interference or even revocation of their foundation status. We have heard of charities turning down large grants rather than complying.

The FCNL Executive Committee considering these types of requests, adopted the following statement that will be provided to any foundations requesting such certification:

We have received and carefully considered your request to make certifications as to anti-terrorism provisions. We believe that the requirement offends the most basic principles of a free society. The process of certification has a chilling effect on dissent, and the right of vigorous dissent is essential to a free democracy.

For reasons of conscience and religious practice, we cannot sign such a certification. We have determined that signing would violate our testimony not to swear oaths. We neither willfully engage in violence nor support pursuit of objectives by violent means. Friends Committee on National Legislation is affiliated with and governed by representatives of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) which has a 350 year testimony against war and violence.

General Committee

FCNL's Governing Body

FCNL is governed by a General Committee of approximately 180 Friends, the majority of whom have been appointed by 26 Yearly Meetings and seven national Friends’ organizations.

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