Shoshana Abrams

As FCNL’s Advocacy Teams Manager, Shoshana Abrams is responsible for deepening and expanding our Advocacy Teams program, a network of hundreds of Quakers and friends lobbying to build congressional champions for peace and justice.

Before joining FCNL, Shoshana spent six years working for a variety of organizations doing peacebuilding work in the Middle East. She spent the last three years working for Kids4Peace International, a nonpartisan, interfaith organization that brings American, Palestinian and Israeli teenagers together for long-term interpersonal engagement. While there, she co-directed their Global Institute, a 10-day intensive that brought more than 50 teens from the US and the Holy Land to Washington DC for a week of learning, skill building, and lobbying. Shoshana brings extensive project management and operations experience.

Originally from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, Shoshana holds a BA in Government and International Relations from George Mason University and an MA in Public Policy and Conflict Resolution from Tel Aviv University. Shoshana lives in Washington, DC with her husband.

Articles by Shoshana Abrams

Event Advocacy Teams Summit 

Online | November 13, 2020

Join us on Nov. 13 for the Annual Advocacy Teams Summit – this year held virtually! We will look at the incredible work we have accomplished together, build our community, and plan for an impactful 2021 after what is sure to be a consequential election year.

Background End the Blank Check for War 

Since 9/11, three U.S. presidents have used the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) and the 2002 Iraq AUMF to justify U.S. military action across the globe without congressional approval or effective oversight.

Background Annual Meeting 2018: Advocacy Teams Summit 

On Wednesday, November 28th 80 advocacy team members from 25 states, 41 teams gathered together to learn and build relationships across the country.

Background Advocacy Teams Update: Berkeley Team Advances Congressional Sign-On Letter 

FCNL’s Advocacy Team network is made up of more than 1,500 Quakers and friends from across the country who use their power as constituents to make change in Washington, D.C. Our success comes from our commitment to building relationships with Congress grounded in mutual respect and listening. We regularly feature stories from our network, this story comes to us from our team in Berkeley, Calif.

Advocacy Resource Outreach Conversations 

Lobbying with a group multiplies your power; every person’s stories and connections can help move policy change forward. Finding a group to lobby with takes intentional conversations – just like a lobby visit!

Work with FCNL Advocacy Teams 

Quaker Vision. Collective Action.

Advocacy Teams are Quakers and friends from across the country who use their power as constituents to make change in Washington.