Sarah Holtsclaw

Program Assistant, Quaker Outreach

Sarah Holtsclaw

Sarah Holtsclaw serves as Quaker Outreach Young Fellow, working alongside Quaker Field Secretary Christine Ashley, to build and deepen Quaker engagement and advocacy from a spirit-led perspective. She empowers constituents to share their stories and build relationships with their Members of Congress through faith-based lobbying.

Sarah is responsible for managing events in the Quaker Welcome Center, training Friends with advocacy tools, and traveling to expand FCNL’s network.

Sarah holds a BS in Political Science and Agriculture Change for Environmental Sustainability from Wilmington College of Ohio.

Articles by Sarah Holtsclaw

Background Persistent Witness: Quakers Inspire a First-time Lobbyist 

Early in the morning, midway through FCNL’s 75th Annual Meeting and Quaker Public Policy Institute (QPPI), Chris Kearns-McCoy sipped a coffee. Chris, FCNL’s Young Fellow for Communications, eagerly awaited the afternoon’s lobby visits.