Emmett Witkovsky-Eldred

Communications Assistant

Emmett Witkovsky-Eldred

Emmett Witkovsky-Eldred assists the Communications team with a particular focus on digital advocacy. His primary responsibility is to help write and edit FCNL’s various materials, including emails, website content, publications, and social media posts.

Emmett comes to the Quakers from the Church of the Brethren, where he is a leading advocate for young adult participation in Church leadership and connecting Christian discipleship to faith-based advocacy for peace and justice. Emmett runs DunkerPunks.com, where he writes about issues of faith, peace, and justice and distributes resources to youth and young adults in the Church of the Brethren about connecting their faith with service and advocacy. Emmett is also the co-host of the Dunker Punks Podcast. Emmett is also a contributing editor for the Church of the Brethren’s Messenger Magazine and a frequent guest speaker at Church of the Brethren conferences and worship services.

Emmett is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, where he earned a triple major in Creative Writing; Professional Writing; and Ethics, History, and Public Policy with the University's highest honors. At CMU, Emmett was a prolific organizer, serving as the President and Founder of the CMU College Democrats and as a founding board member of the Social Justice Coalition.

Articles by Emmett Witkovsky-Eldred

Update Congress Needs a Push on Conflict Prevention 

This month, Congress has an important opportunity to take concrete steps to bolster our government’s ability to build peace and prevent atrocities against civilians. Early action to prevent violence will reduce the need for late military intervention, protect lives, and save taxpayer money. This is why it’s important for us to take stock, remember the past, and work to prevent future outbreaks of violence. Members of Congress can help support conflict prevention, but they need a push to get there.

Update Diplomacy with North Korea: the Ball is in Our Court 

North Korea is back to being front page news this week. But, for once, it looks like it might be good news. I spoke with FCNL's Anthony Weir about the recent diplomatic breakthrough between North and South Korea, how the U.S. should respond, and what Congress can do.

Update Immigration Updates from Brownsville, Texas 

Recently, I visited Carnegie Mellon University and other colleges and universities in Pittsburgh, PA to recruit young adults to attend FCNL's upcoming Spring Lobby Weekend on immigration reform. While I was there, I met Cristina, a freshman at CMU from the border community of Brownsville, TX. Cristina offered to share some of her experiences as a Mexican-American person living in a border community while immigration is such a live issue in Congress.

Update The Olympics Are Concluding, But Diplomacy Can Endure 

While every Olympics is fraught with the political intrigue of hundreds of nations coming together under one roof, this Olympics felt different. The stakes seemed a little higher. And the prospect for diplomatic progress between North and South Korea felt closer than it has for a long time. Now, as the Olympics draw to a close, the U.S., North Korea, and South Korea each have to do their part to keep the diplomatic torch burning.

Update An Earth Restored is a Promise Honored 

December was a disappointing month for public lands. Congressional and executive actions over the past few weeks have opened up millions of acres of once-protected land in Utah and Alaska to oil and gas drilling, putting the environment at risk while breaching the trust and endangering the security of thousands of Native Americans.

Update Remember What NFL Players Are Protesting 

Even if you’re not much of a sports fan, you’ve probably heard about one of the biggest news stories of the year in the sports world: the protests by athletes, especially NFL players, who take a knee during the National Anthem to call attention to police brutality against people of color and to demand change.

Update Now is the Time for Faithful Action 

Milestones That Give Us Hope

We are living in challenging times. Too often, cracking open a newspaper or turning on the news feels like a bleak exercise in disappointment, concern, and outrage. In these times more than ever, we must seek hope.