Emily Wirzba

Former Legislative Manager, Sustainable Energy and Environment

Emily Wirzba

Emily Wirzba led FCNL’s lobbying work to achieve bipartisan recognition of climate change and action in Congress. She served as co-chair of the Washington Interreligious Staff Community's Energy and Ecology Working Group.

While at FCNL, Emily's writing appeared in The Hill, CNN, US News & World Report, Washington Times, OnFaith, Friends Journal, and Faith & Leadership. She was a 2016 Fellow with the New Leaders Council, which works to recruit, train and promote the next generation of progressive leaders. She was a Spring 2015 Fellow with the Clean Energy Leadership Institute, a leadership development organization that equips fellows with a strong working knowledge of energy markets and policy.

Emily graduated from Furman University in 2013 with Bachelor of Arts degrees in philosophy and political science, and a minor in poverty studies.

Prior to coming to FCNL, Emily worked for two summers at Duke University's Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, interned at Urban Ministries of Durham (a homeless shelter and service provider in North Carolina), and studied abroad in Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Cuba. She originally came to FCNL in 2013 as a Young Fellow.

Emily's academic passions are seeing where faith, ethics and policy intersect with environmental and social justice issues. She also loves running, cooking, and eating.


Articles by Emily Wirzba

Update Finding Climate Hope in New Orleans 

As we stood in a circle outside of Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s office, the voices of Hindus, Buddhists, Quakers, Jews, Seekers, Christians, Baha’is, Indigenous peoples, and Muslims collectively sang “People gonna rise like the waters, gonna calm this crisis down. I hear the voice of my great-granddaughter, crying climate justice now.”

Update Healing the Heart of Democracy and Moving Forward on Climate Disruption 

In order to move forward with solutions to our most pressing challenges, we must understand that we are all in this together. Palmer writes that we need to learn to value our nation’s diversity of opinions and backgrounds, and states that we must “find a true point of identity with people” whose foundational beliefs are different than our own.

Update Greener Pastures in the President's Budget 

At FCNL, we seek to protect vulnerable communities and God’s Creation from climate change and environmental degradation. We believe that President Obama’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2017 is a very strong step towards achieving these goals.

Update Live Updates from Paris Climate Conference 

FCNL’s Jose Aguto, our Legislative Secretary for Sustainable Energy and Environment, was in Paris for the international climate summit, also known as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties 21 (UNFCCC COP21).

Background How Can I Foster Bipartisan Climate Action? 

Guided by hope, humility, redemption, and love, we seek to foster constructive bipartisan dialogue and cooperation on climate solutions in Congress.

Press Release FCNL Praises House Climate Change Resolution 

On the eve of the Pope’s historic visit to Washington, a group of Republican lawmakers called upon Congress to commit to act to address changes in the climate, including efforts to balance the human impacts of climate change.

Update Best of 2014: Climate Edition 

The year 2014 has been quite the year for climate action. From the EPA’s Clean Power Plan to a historic agreement reached with China, it is clear that the United States is making tangible progress in addressing climate change. Momentum has been growing, and will continue to build as we look ahead to 2015.