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Brishonne (Bri) Tollie is FCNL’s program assistant for justice reform and election integrity for 2023-2024.

She is a compassionate and driven individual, currently pursuing a master’s degree in public administration at Delaware State University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Human Rights from Southern Methodist University (SMU), where her passion for understanding the vital role of equity and justice in public policy, public service, and administration blossomed.

While attending SMU, Bri dedicated herself to engaging in volunteer work on campus. One of her remarkable accomplishments was the establishment of the Pride Project @ SMU. This multidisciplinary initiative incorporated archival, oral, and institutional research to curate a series of collective initiatives focused on LGBTQ+ experiences, with a strong emphasis on intersectionality.

During her junior year, Bri undertook an internship with In Defense of Black Lives Dallas, a Black-led coalition comprised of leaders, activists, and organizations dedicated to combating police violence and racial terror. This formative experience deeply influenced Bri, providing her with a profound understanding of mass incarceration and police brutality through an abolitionist lens. It served as a catalyst for Bri’s commitment to challenging systemic oppression and advocating for transformative change in these areas.