Bobby Trice

Bobby is the Program Assistant for Quaker Outreach alongside Quaker Field Secretary Christine Ashley. He cultivates relationships with FCNL constituents, thus supporting Quakers’ spirit-led advocacy on Capitol Hill and around the nation. Bobby comes to FCNL from Swannanoa Valley Friends Meeting.

Bobby holds a B.A. in social work and sociology/anthropology from Warren Wilson College. Most recently, he worked as an Advocacy Corps organizer and local policy advocate with Children First in Asheville, North Carolina. He is originally from Nevada City, California.

Articles by Bobby Trice

Update Living Faithfully: Young Adult Friends Find Meaning in FCNL’s Priorities Process  

A group of Young Adult Friends in New England Yearly Meeting (NEYM) were the first to participate in FCNL’s legislative priorities discernment process for the 117th Congress. They provided essential input for shaping FCNL’s legislative agenda and found meaning in faithful discernment.

Statement The Only America We Know Is an America at War 

As young adults, we only faintly remember what life was like before Sept. 11, if we remember at all. Since the U.S. invaded Afghanistan, we have made it through elementary, middle, and high school. We’ve applied to colleges, finished our degrees, moved away from home, and entered the workforce—and the entire time, the U.S. has been carrying out military actions halfway across the world.

Update World Quaker Day: Restoring the Earth and Growing Friends' Witness 

Celebrating World Quaker Day at FCNL

As we celebrate the sixth annual World Quaker Day on Oct. 6, I am pondering how we can sustain ourselves in the work of long-term witness. As a newly convinced Friend and Young Fellow at FCNL, I see lifting up community and togetherness as one way forward in sustaining Quaker faith and practice.