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Bobby is the Quaker Outreach Coordinator. He cultivates relationships with Friends and coordinates FCNL staff engagement with Quaker communities across the country. He is passionate about deepening Quakers’ spirit-led advocacy on Capitol Hill and around the nation.

Bobby is FCNL’s first point of contact for Friends and fosters open channels of communication between FCNL and the wider Quaker world. He coordinates FCNL staff engagement with Quaker communities to listen to Friends’ concerns, facilitate empowerment, and make meaningful action on public policy more accessible.

Bobby co-creates events and spaces for community-building, spiritual deepening, advocacy, and civic engagement. Through his work with Quaker communities, he helps ground FCNL’s advocacy in the testimonies of its founding tradition. He is a member of Friends Meeting of Washington (Baltimore Yearly Meeting) in DC.

Bobby holds a B.A. in social work and sociology/anthropology from Warren Wilson College. Most recently, he held positions with FCNL as Quaker Engagement Associate, Program Assistant for Quaker Outreach, and Advocacy Corps Organizer. Prior to moving to DC, he was a local policy advocate with Children First in Asheville, North Carolina.

Bobby comes to FCNL from Swannanoa Valley Friends Meeting. He is originally from Nevada City, California.

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