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UNIDIR Middle East WMD Free Zone Project - Final Report Launch Event -

 |  Room VII, Palais des Nations – Geneva, Geneva
Opening remarks will be provided by Dr. Robin Geiss, UNIDIR Director, and Ambassador Lotte Knudsen, Delegation of the European Union to the United Nations, Geneva. Dr. Chen Zak Kane, Head of UNIDIR ME WMDFZ Project, will provide a summary of the project’s activities and outputs, presenting key takeaways and findings as well as proposals to advance the ME WMDFZ initiative.
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"Reducing Nuclear Threats in a Time of Peril," the 2023 Arms Control Association Annual Meeting

 |  National Press Club – Washington, DC
The Arms Control Association Annual Meeting will feature a 9am keynote address by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on the President’s vision for heading off nuclear weapons competition, advancing nuclear arms control and nonproliferation measures, and reducing the risk of nuclear use. Expert panels will address issues including: reinforcing the taboo against threats of nuclear use: preventing a three-way arms race: the Iranian nuclear crisis: and the risks of artificial intelligence involvement in nuclear command and control.
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The Nuclear Disarmament of Ukraine with Mariana Budjeryn

 |  None – Washington, DC
Nuclear Threat Initiative Speakers: Dr. Mariana Budjeryn of the Project on Managing the Atom at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center and Lynn Rusten, Vice President at the Nuclear Threat Initiative
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What can the World Expect from Ukraine's Counteroffensive [Hybrid]

 |  Rayburn 2118 – Washington, DC
Host Organization: Atlantic Council. Speakers: Multiple.

AI, emerging technologies, and the division of domestic labor [Online]

 |  Rayburn 2118 – Washington, DC
Host Organization: Brookings Institute. Speakers: Multiple.

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