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Lobbying for Migration Justice 

From February 19-23, 2024, lawmakers return to their home districts during the Congressional recess. This is an opportunity to make your voice heard and help build support for humane and just immigration policies.

You could make a real difference. Congressional staff say that visits from constituents, even no more than five minutes, can influence their decisions. With your help, we can amplify our impact.

Here are some key resources to support your advocacy during the February Congressional Recess:

Review Our Legislative Ask and Drop-by Visit Checklist

Learn more about our 2024 legislative ask on migration justice and review our checklist to help guide your drop-by visit to your congressional offices. We’ve also provided talking points to help you effectively communicate on this issue during your lobby visits. 

Use the Lobby Visit Roadmap

Use this tool to assign responsibilities and plan for your lobby visits. 

Finds Your Lawmakers’ District Offices

Locate your lawmakers’ district offices with FCNL’s Action Center. Under “My Officials” at the top of the page, click “Legislators.” Fill out your information when prompted and click “Submit.” Then, click each of your members of Congress to see the address of their district office. 

Identify Staff Members

Use the database to find the correct staff contact for your elected officials.

Submit Your Drop-by Visit Report

After your visit, go to and tell us how it went! Reporting back to FCNL will help our legislative team as they follow-up with congressional offices back in Washington, D.C.