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Join FCNL staff and advocates at Pendle Hill for this on-campus gathering of Friends to learn and practice rebuilding community as prophetic witness.

This event features experiential workshops exploring the different ways that the Religious Society of Friends is creating cultures of beloved community. Workshops will presented by Friends and Quaker organizations, including:

  • Friends Committee on National Legislation
  • Friends General Conference
  • American Friends Service Committee
  • and more!  

Workshops Featuring FCNL Staff

Creating Cultures of Beloved Community within Quaker Institutions
Lauren Brownlee, Associate General Secretary for Community and Culture

Lauren Brownlee

When implemented with integrity, the practices that support strong clerking and Quaker decision-making processes are great tools in a beloved community building toolbox. Additionally, Quaker principles such as answering that of God in everyone, holding friends in the light, and plain speaking can be gifts to any community. In this workshop we will explore how both within and beyond Quaker spaces, Quaker principles and practices can support the strength of communities.

Acting in Beloved Community with AFSC & FCNL
Bobby Trice, Quaker Engagement Program Manager

Bobby Trice

We know you’re excited about Quaker activism - but how can you share that enthusiasm with others and witness together in beloved community? There are so many ways to be involved. In this workshop, we’ll offer and brainstorm different ways you can work with AFSC and FCNL to advance Quaker action grounded in shared vision and community. These opportunities for involvement are perfect for engaging your Quaker meeting or church in collective action.