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How is Spirit moving through your yearly meeting? Through FCNL’s virtual “travel” to yearly meetings, we join in meeting for business and meeting for worship, hear leadings and concerns, and share the broader work of the Religious Society of Friends as it manifests through FCNL’s advocacy.

Yearly meeting intervisitation is a crucial time for FCNL staff to stay grounded in the Religious Society of Friends while inviting Friends to participate in Quaker advocacy.

While visiting at yearly meetings we:

Friends gather at a yearly meeting session.

Engage: Through workshops and our ministry of presence, we hold Friends meetings for worship and business in the Light

Listen! What are the big issues the yearly meeting is dealing with? What policy issues are Friends concerned about, and how can FCNL help?

Invite: Friends to join FCNL’s advocacy efforts, governance, and ongoing financial support.

Follow up: With people, meetings, and churches.

We want to build Quaker advocacy!

We invite you to connect with the FCNL staff liaison at your yearly meeting, ask questions of your yearly meeting’s FCNL representatives, and deepen your engagement with Quaker advocacy through FCNL. At FCNL-led workshops, we offer up tools and skills for Spirit-led action to help make change possible.

Yearly Meeting Intervisitation Among Friends

Yearly meetings are in chronological order.

If you do not see your yearly meeting here and would like to extend an invitation for summer of 2020 or future years, or if you have a correction for us, please contact Bobby Trice at This calendar will be regularly updated as we confirm engagements with yearly meetings.

2020 Yearly Meeting Calendar

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Quakers and Friends are changing public policy.